Everything is under control

We have just checked our venue for the tomorrow . Everything is just fine. Perfectly fine. Please join Mobilization tomorrow . Do you know that there are two apps that present agenda for the mobilization event? Speaker meter is meant for measuring performance of the speakers. But it shows agenda of our event as a side [...]

What to do and where to eat

If you’d like to grab a quick lunch near the conference building go to Food Market (about 10 minutes walking). The meals are quite big and rather cheap. The place is a self-serve buffet which looks more like a school cafeteria but can seat many people and the food is good. Address: ul. Wróblewskiego 16 Opening hours: [...]

Conference map

We prepared a map (in Polish) so you could easily find mobilization.pl 22nd of September. This map shows conference place entrance for pedestrians parking areas (note: some of the parking spaces are reserved for Technical University of Lodz – please observe the signs) nearby food options rail stations (there is a link for route planning [...]

New sponsors

Mobilization has new sponsors: Samsung (platinum) LSI Software (gold, from Łódź) Agreeya Mobility Poland(silver, from Łódź) Mobeelizer (silver) Big thanks for all our sponsors, with their help we can prepare great conference in Łódź.

Girls on Mobilization

Did you know that 10% of our attendees are girls . And few of conference participants forgot to specify which gender they are .

Top 6 mobilized cities

Given that this conference is held in Łódź, there is no surprise that most of the participants come from Łódź. The runner up city of Warsaw will have 64 representatives. The 3rd place goes to Wroclaw with 41 Vratilavians heading to Łódź. Note that over 10% of participants did not disclos their city of origin [...]

Android is the King

Please find below statistics generated from mobilization.pl attendees’ entry survey. Android is the king but HTML5 is not far behind. iOS wins over Windows Phone with a narrow margin. Note that this was multichoice question.

Mobilization^2 Sold OUT

560 people are registered We currently put registration on hold. Please bookmark our webpage as a favorite and keep checking the page. We will be confirming the tickets and returning not confirmed tickets to the pool. We are also considering to enable overbooking for the event. Please check webpage everyday !!!! Sell Tickets through Eventbrite

500 participants

24 days to Mobilization and we have 500 participants already registered. We are waiting for more Please checkout our speakers (that only some confirmed speakers, we need have time to write bio of 21 speakers. ) http://2012.mobilization.pl/speakers/ Please share this link: http://mobilization.pl/registration/ Sell Tickets through Eventbrite


We started registration! Please register using eventbrite . Sell Tickets through Eventbrite Please invite your friends

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